Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marketing - learning about Blogs

Being a compulsive type of person, when I start something new, I jump in feet first. So, I decide to paint again, and yes, I do. I join several art pages and groups on FB and find new artist friends. Then, I start to paint, then start to sell. But, wait, what about exposure? I join Redbubble, and have found a new passion, posting
uploading my photographs and paintings. My husband, thinks I'm obsessed. Perhaps I am, but getting
those positive comments makes me so happy, I want to share more. : ) . I get a feature in about five
groups, and I wonder, is my work really good, or are they just trying to give me some exposure to boost sales.
I think the latter is true, they just want sales. Did I sell anything, heck no. But, I've only been on the site for a few weeks. My mom is elated, she shares the web site w/all her friends. So, cute. She loves my work, says I'm so much better than I was in high school. But, of course - don't we all get better w/age.  : )
 So, I started this blog page, need to learn more of how blogs work, I just jumped in. Started 1000 Markets, and my journey continues.

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