Monday, November 2, 2009

Pam's painting journey

I was very creative as a teenager, I signed up for every art class I could find, and loved to take pictures, draw w/pen and ink and try a few paintings. I was never satisfied w/my acrylic paintings, they dried too fast, and I couldn't get good blending for shadows. Several years later, I went to college for Business, and took a watercolor class. I did two nice paintings. One of a squash and one of a cow skull. The teacher was impressed, and told me I should go to school for art instead of business. A nice complement indeed. - Years passed, my husband and I built two homes, and are still in the process of finishing up this one. We are do it your self kind of people. On a recent vacation in Cedar Key, I was looking in some art shops. The fire grew inside. I looked at the art and looked the prices. Some art was fabulous, some not, most prices were high.

My husband encouraged me to pick up the paint brush again. I did, and - they came out good!  Since I was an avid FB user, I started adding artists to my friends list. I asked them about paint to use, paper to use, and  how they marketed their art.  After posting my second piece, I was asked to paint a dog portrait for a friend, then another. I've been painting for about one month - and have sold two paintings, and have a few other people looking  for good pictures of their dogs for a portrait.

My goal, is to share - learn and sell some. I like detailed work that is realistic, but not so realistic
that it looks like a photo. I intend to share my work at a reasonable price. Enough to keep me in supplies and keep the passion growing. Most of my work is on Redbubble, but I will be looking for a different web page, so I can set my prices and sell directly to you. Contact me directly for different 
prices, requests, and or suggestions. 

Please join me in my journey. I look forward to sharing my work with you.

Pam  : ) 


  1. A look back at my journey. I have accomplished all that I set out to do and more. I have almost 5,000 on my FB page, I've sold more paintings than I can count, and have met so many professional artists who inspire me to continue. FB has given me the opportunity to be noticed. Three of my early paintings made in the book " Dog Sayings" and Artsy Shark helped by featuring my work. As my numbers grew other bloggers picked up my story and showcased my work. My next goals will be to figure out how to show my work at art shows and enter some competitions, to make a book of some of my best work and to continue my journey.
    Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me, told me where to purchase supplies and who have commissioned work from me. I've been painting almost every day now, and I hope to continue for a lifetime.

  2. I have enjoyed being a friend on this journey, although we have never met. Your work has evolved masterfully and I am thrilled for your success. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!


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