Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving above and beyond with my artistic expressions!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to paint pet portraits for people. I started out with just watercolor, then added acrylic and even added a more colorful less realistic style. All of these sales enabled me to quit my job purchase thousands of dollars worth of supplies, and hone my skills as a copy artist of pets.

I will always offer commissions, for this makes me happy and the client happy too. They know that they are getting a quality painting at a price that doesn't break the bank.

But, in my quest to be a full time artist, I must break beyond the comfort zone, produce larger and more original works.  I'll be adding more work to the Many Places Gift Gallery in Mississippi, and when I move to the Gainesville, FL  area, there will be more galleries I can get representation in.  For, I am so much more than what you have seen on Facebook.  I have always been a do it yourself kind of person, from designing my last two homes and building them from the ground up with my husband. Soon to be number three. I have been an artist all my life and have created everything from hair styles to house plans and jewelry design and clothing design. As far as energy and drive to spend long hours in the studio, painting - brain storming and marketing on line. I have that too. I've been known to work a 90hr week before to help a new retailer get set up in his shop. I can do that for myself and have many more rewards.

My new brightly colored paintings have been a hit. Several commissions came in as soon as I showcased the look.  I will continue to add more including tropical plants and landscapes to my collection of paintings to offer. I have several large canvases just waiting for my to add splashes of color to. 

So look out world here I come! I will not back down from my desire to achieve my artistic goals. I will work hard and I will become more than just your average pet portrait artist. I'm not saying that being a pet portrait artist is a bad thing, for it is a wonderful thing, and I love it, but I am capable of more expression than that of a copy artist for my friends and facebook fans. Collectors will see and look and purchase for I have a creative spirit that needs to be unleashed!


  1. number third husband? I would stop at number one!!! : ) What is a copy artist? I never heard that term before.

  2. What I mean by the Term Copy artist, is that when the client gives me a photo, I try to duplicate that - copy from the photo to make it look so very much the same. This is a way to make the client happy if they want a artist realistic painted reproduction of the photo. Not that I'm a photo realism painter, but try to achieve a level of realism with my " painted "copy" "version" of their photo. But , many artists who may steal photos off the internet may trace - or print and paint over - that is a total copyright violation. Other artists trace the client photo- not a violation of copyright, for they have permission to use the photo to create, but more of a "copy" than a expression of the subject matter. Here is a link to one artist expressing that this has been seen and done by so many - and how she reports them to the web page selling the "stolen" art.
    And I think this is what makes some artists so very angry about the use of a photo reference for they believe that all art should come directly from the person who creates art, for then there will never be any legal issues over art that has been created off from someone else.

  3. no, not number third husband! LOL - I'm still married to the same man 32 years later and I got married at 19. Number 3 house to build together from the ground up and design w/my husband.


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