Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Tails Saloon - The making of a game room painting

My fan base on Facebook was asked to upload photos of dogs wearing hats. Within the first day I had some fantastic photos of all kinds of dogs wearing some pretty interesting hats.  The idea was to make a really fun painting that would be popular enough to sell prints from, and to get fan participation.
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My first idea was to give prints to the the owners of the dogs I chose to paint and raffle off the original painting, but found out that Paypal will not allow purchase of tickets for raffles, and my account was suspended. I guess I better read the fine print from know on!

For May I want to go big with donations to rescues and have made this my second go big event.
Since I was not able to raffle the painting I've listed on Ebay, with a 25% donation going to Alaqua Animal Refuge upon sale.visit Alaqua Refuge here

See my Ebay listing here  Happy Tails Saloon

This painting took a week and one half to complete. I'm a fast painter and acrylic dries fast.
Commissions always welcome.

Here is my work in progress.

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