Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creative Blessings

I feel so blessed. I left my job about 6 months ago to pursue my artistic talents and dreams. I thought for sure I could land a part time job no problem. Boy, was I wrong, I searched and searched, applied for every job that I could find. But, nothing. My bills were stacking up, my husband was scared. Pet portraits  sales were slow. But, I knew in my heart that this is what I needed to do.  I wanted to be healthy and happy.

My love of dogs is so strong, I wanted to do more, just painting them wasn't enough. I needed to see them, be with them bond with them. So, turning a negative financial situation around, I applied for Federal assistance for job training. After five months the application was accepted. Off to dog grooming school I went. I have been at it for two weeks. And I can tell you that this time I spend grooming dogs has been the most rewarding work I have ever done. I went to college for Business Management and have had several high profile administrative jobs for hospitals but none gave me the satisfaction  that working with animals does.

My goal is to add a grooming / art studio to my  next  home. Offering quality grooming, photography pet portraits and of course my art. Watercolor and acrylic paintings and pet portraits. I  intend to live the rest of my life helping animals and doing the things I love, not working for some corporation.

This journey has come so far, yet I feel like is is just about to begin. I'm so excited!

Thank you for following my journey with me. I do dream big. There is no  harm in being a dreamer. Close your  eyes and dream, see what  you can come up with. You will not be disappointed if you follow your dream.


  1. Well done Pam, and may you have every success with all your endeavours. I feel excited for you and find you a good inspiration :-)

  2. That's very exciting for you, Pam! And YOU made it happen. I love that. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor!!


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