Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What makes me different from other artists?

I once had an inquiry asking, why should I buy a pet portrait from you? Why are you different?
As we look at art history we can see that many great artists became famous by standing out in a crowd, coming up with a new idea, something different perhaps even weird. People are fascinated by new and different ways to express the world around them with art. I didn't get the sale, perhaps I'm not so different. How does one compare to others and say that they are different?

Once an artist told me perhaps it is because I don't think of my art as a job, that is why I'm different. But, for me art is a passion, it is part of my daily living, something that will never go away. I don't think of it as a job. I think of it as completion of my soul, a God given talent that comes fourth every minute of each day.

I create art to live, not to make a living, so maybe this is different? Yes, I need an income to survive, but I won't overprice my art to pay my bills. I will continue to seek alternative income to supplement my passion.

I price art for the masses, not for certain classes of people. The prices are refective of my skill level and number of hours it takes me to create. There is no false pretense that my work takes so very long to create that I have to raise prices. I lowered prices in 2011 due to the poor economy and gave
away more art than I can count. Does this make me different?

My sales are based on social networking, and showing my work in progress. I get to  know my  clients and they get to know me. I share daily, not just my art, but  my soul - my personal being. Does this make me different?

When I paint a pet, I feel its energy, that love of animals guides my hand and eyes from my heart, I paint with the rhythm of my soul. Does this make me different?

I explore all mediums and include other services such as sewing  and grooming for pets. Does this make me different?

To answer that inquiry, I told the client that I painted from my heart, and charged a reasonable price, and that my goal was that the painting would reflect the soul of the pet in the eyes. - I didn't get the sale, maybe she was looking for something much more different that what I had to offer. For, all I offer is my love of animals, my passion for art, my ability to communicate with the photo to render a cherished portrait.

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  1. Your art is beautiful Pam!
    Wishing you a creative 2012!
    Sheri Cook/ HappyHorseStudio


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