Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Labor of Love

Time to update my journey!
Cool Dog Grooming Studio, Crestview FL

I've been quite for a while, but things have made a huge turn around. After a big disappointment on my first lease and 3 months of renovation, just to close the doors because the County deemed the septic system not operational, I thought that was the end of my pursuit of ever owning my own grooming business. But, one day while driving around Crestview, I spotted a vacant location, and called the realtor next door. Well, as easy as 1,2.3 and a credit card, I was back on track! Oh My DOG, was I excited!

We painted for a few very long days, built some very cool tubs and opened the doors of my new business called Cool Dog Grooming Studio on December 10th.  One month later, and I have some repeat business booked out for months. Art sales are up, since I have a studio room and many of my paintings decorate the space.

So, looks like I made it! Three years after becoming a professional artist, I am now a pet groomer too. I'd say this is a labor of love, where I'm loving every minute of it.  Goals, are obtainable, you just have to keep moving forward. I really thought I had hit a brick wall, and the chips were down, pockets were empty, but with the love and support of my husband, and a huge base of friends praying for me and cheering me on, to not give up hope. It happened!

May you find your labor of love. It took me a long time to change career paths from Medical Office Management, but I am finally in love with my job!

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