Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Power of Love

I have worked many jobs, and some of them would be considered powerful jobs in the corporate world. I had the power to make my employer wealthy with my tenacity, and experience in billing and collections. But, I gave this all up to follow my passion for art and animals. Why you may ask, would I give up benefits, and a great paying job, where I had such power? Because, I didn't have the power to love. I worked long hours in my corporate office all alone. I grew restless and resentful and later depressed. So, I left the corporate world, to be able to express myself, to reach out and to love.

My last employer asked me why do you love your clients dogs so much? He told me that it was not wise to love so much, for if the pet dies, I would be depressed. But, I knew no boundaries for my love of animals. Each one was kissed, hugged, pampered. Some of my clients dogs did pass away, and they will be  missed. But, it is better to of loved, and lost, then to never of loved at all.

I feel so blessed to of had the courage to follow my passion. I'm in the mist of renovating a building for
my very own grooming business. I can't wait to hang up the open sign, and love on all those dogs.
Walls will be filled with art and rooms with precious pets to groom.

Please never fear the loss of someone so much that you close your heart to love. For love is a very powerful thing. If you have lost a pet, and are grieving enough to say, I can never do this again. For now, grieve, then when you are ready your heart will heal your loss, and once you open yourself to new pets or people in your life you will love again and feel good again.

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