Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Local Marketing today - Crestview FL - painted pet pavers for your garden

When I was working full time, I could never find time to visit a local shop  to do a little marketing, but now I have that time. Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I had a little gas in my car, so I loaded up a bag w/brochures, business cards and a sample painting and pet portrait paver stone.

I went to two dog spas and gave them brochures and business cards. Was not able to find the owners to talk to, so the contact was not quite as good as I had hoped for. But, got to love up some dogs.

Next I headed for the feed store, was in the market for some chickens. Nope, they didn't  have any. But there was a bulletin board, and I posted a few business cards.

On to the local nursery. The Crestview Nursery is one of the largest nurseries around. I've spent hours upon hours there, purchasing plants and taking photographs to make  print on demand calendars on my Zazzle site. I've shopped there for seven years. Not only do I love to paint, I love to plant! I've planted over 100 Leland Cypress trees on my property!

The Nursery location

This is a local nursery owner owned and operated, not  a chain store.

I purchased my fruits and veggies for my garden, and asked the owner if he would allow me to display my pug paver stone, and brochures and business cards. He was happy to help. He put that stone right on the front counter next to a bulldog planter. How perfect is that! LOL A woman nearby, asked
to see my business card. Asked if I painted horses, and I told her I sure do! I'll paint anything for you.
She liked more modern or abstract paintings. I was wearing my Madam Butterfly shirt, and she loved it. She went on to explain that there are horse stables at Eglin AFB, and that the memory stones or painted pavers would would be great. She looked at my brochure and talked to me for a long time. I told her my passion and how I gave back to rescues. She could see that I was sincere and  wanted to help me get the word out. She took a few business cards to pass out at the stables, and told me she would be calling me for a pet portrait of her dog, and her horse. Another lady asked for my card too.
It was wonderful to be out in public and to actually be able to make a connection, to talk about why I want to work full time as an artist. To create, to give back , to help make people happy.

Today was a wonderful day. I hope that I can afford to go out and meet and greet people again. It was about 45 miles today, but well worth the price of gas, at over 3.60 for regular!

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