Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'll Share on FB, will you?

So many professionals have left Facebook because photos are easily downloaded, and shared. There is fear of art being stolen, and used for profit.  So, they leave, delete the albums and go elsewhere. But,  FB still holds the information in their database. Anything  you put in or on the internet can be used for your good or against you in a court of law. So, be careful what you post, write, share.

That said, FB is designed to be a social network, so they make it easy to download and share. Am I going to leave? Heck no.  One must measure the outcome vs the benefits. My photos that I upload are low resolution, and I allow people on FB and Flicker creative common license. They can use my photos for screen savers, to create art from and to share. Why would I be okay with this? Because I create and share because it makes me happy and makes others happy. Do I think my stuff has no value? No, I think my photos and paintings are priceless. There is no monetary value  you can measure for appreciation, beauty or happiness.

Can people steal my photos? Perhaps, but the quality printed would be substandard, and it isn't like my prints are selling like crazy. Do, I make prints available? Yes, but mostly for exposure, so that more people can see my art.

Do I want to be able to make a living on my artistic abilities? You betch ya. Will I? Perhaps not. Yet, if there was no FB, there would be no journey. I would not of sold any art, would not of made people smile. The  potential social media  provides is  for opportunities is tremendous. Creating art and sharing my journey is therapy, for without purpose I may not have the desire to succeed. I create because it comes from my soul, bubbling forth and I can not stop it. This is what being an artist means to me. No, I may not make a living from it, but it keeps me among the living.

So, if you have something to share and sell; think, do I need this platform or not? Is it worth the risk? Can facebook or random people actually download my photography and make $$$$$ with them? Is my privacy of my work worth the denial of social networking, because I already have a large enough audience and abundant sales?


  1. Great article! I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. What a great sprited take on facebook and it's influence. I think it's important for artist's striking out on their own to also take into account the personal connection that sells artwork. Only established artist trade on name alone- the rest of us need to sell our personality along with our talent. It's not worth it to count out a method of marketing that can be easily perfected by saving your files smaller or watermarking them.


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