Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Banana tree

As I make more paintings for the Mud Bug Festival in Pensacola on March 20th, I find myself
taking more time and painting a few more complicated paintings. I took a photo of some
bananas at the Crestview Nursery. I liked the composition, and thought it would make a nice painting.
I have to work on one leaf at a time, to figure out what is going on with my sketch. - I'm getting
some good details down, but it is taking me quite a while to complete this one. I've worked
on it for 2 nights, and it may end up to be four! - I have a order for a larger one - 16x20 and
want one for myself as well. I think w/ the larger size I can make the bananas really pop, more
room for shading.

After the festival, I'll hope to have more pet portraits to work on, and in my spare time, I'll continue
to push myself toward more complex paintings. I want to do a huge garden for my living room.

This 8x10 painting took three nights to complete. I think I'll wait a bit before complete this again on a larger scale! But, I do think the next try will be easier. 


  1. Pam, your paintings are fabulous !! I especially love the 'critters'

  2. Thanks Jan - I'll be listing them on Etsy soon.


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