I just wanted to let you know I received Zola's portrait yesterday, that was fast! It's absolutely beautiful and you were right, the file you sent does not do it justice. I can hardly believe how you matched her coloring perfectly and when I saw the eyes it was as if she was right there with me. What a treat it was to receive something so special.
I have to tell you this story....our one dog Ben, a golden retriever, misses her the most out of our three dogs. He was lying in the kitchen last night while I put the portrait in the frame and when it was complete I put it eye level with him saying "look Ben, it's our Zolabean", he got the funniest look on his face, his ears perked up, he got that big goldie smile on his face, he stood up, walked right to it and gave the glass a great big lick! Honest to God, he recognized her, I don't know how, but he did.
Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job, it made my day yesterday and it certainly made Ben's to see his "big sister" again.

I loved the photo you sent me, but I was blown away by the actual painting. :)

Linsey Bise

Hi Pam,

you're welcome with pleasure....You have been so great to create......
I am giving that beautful painting to my brother "THE PHOTOGRAPHER" who's so patient with life and is so derserving of it.  I know he will love it of his Jase.
Thanks so much,
Judes ~ your new friend in Canada
p.s. You should be very proud of yourself as a painter ~ you have many a follwers now...so nice to see.

Stephanie Richardson Pam, your work has great meaning. You can not believe how much joy this portrait has brought me and I am only viewing it on the computer. I wasn't ready to give her up. My mind knew what was to come, but my heart wasn't there yet. For 15, she still looked like a puppy. I miss seeing this smile every day I came home from work, NOW I will forever have it with me. thank you.

April 27 at 4:41pm

Julie Kroppe What is so great is the eyes...It is like Gabby is in there! I do hobby decorative painting (murals and furniture) but yours is amazing! I could never get animals right!

  • Gretchen King Littlefield SHE IS FAST!!! DANG!!!!! And Pam...already sent it to my friends...they are blown away, too. You probably will have more jobs soon.....You MIGHT have to quit your day job. LOLOLOL :)
    March 30 at 9:57pm ·  ·  · Report

  • Gretchen King Littlefield And Pam...thanks so much for doing the step by step....SO COOL!!! I'm freakin' blown away!!!!!!!!!
    March 30 at 10:00pm 

Gretchen King Littlefield Me, too...and I am bawling my eyes out!! :) Happy tears, tho!!! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....XOXOXO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Juliette Handley Anderson Yes she has captured his dear sweet soul!!! I'm loving this Pam!! Cannot wait to get it!!!

Melissa Norwick Wow Pam!!! This painting is AMAZING! Definitely your best yet!! I love watching your progression... not sure if this can be topped, but you do get better with each paint stroke it seems - i think Bulldogs are your specialty!!!

Katie Kate OMG! I AM IN TEARS!!!! I love it!! 

June 6 at 5:35pm ·
Katie Kate I love it! The eyes are amazing!!!

Jill Holland I opened my parcel today and the ornaments are even more beautiful than I had hoped for. I love them and fear I may keep all three as presents for myself...how selfish of me. Thank you so much Pam. I will definitely order from you again. Your work is outstanding.

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