Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pet Bandana of the Month Club! Join now

I've completed pet grooming school, ordered up fabric and ribbon, and spent all day yesterday sewing my first over the collar bandana collection.

I chose black- red and white for the first collection since I have a black, and a white dog, the colors appealed to me. This collection will be available via my FB page and at the new grooming salon.

So, perhaps I've come up with a little cottage industry to supplement my income, or just a fun additional hobby to add with my pet portraits.

The bandanas are made of two selections of fabrics sewn right sides together, then turned out and top stitched for a reversible, washable stylish accessory for your pet.

Club members will answer questions about their pet so each month they will receive a custom made bandana based on the answers to the questions. They will  have the extra discount of free shipping, and once 12 bandanas have been purchased they will receive a bonus of three free! Think of how fun it will be to get your surprise monthly package for your beloved pet. Add 2.00 shipping per package for non club members.

Size Small - Measures 8 1/2" wide  5 1/2  inches down - fits 5 to 10" collar.  (My Mini Schnauzers wear this size) $ 5.50

Size Medium - Measures 10 1/4 inch wide  7 1/4 " down, fits 11 - 16" collar  $6.50

Size Large - Measured 12 inches wide  8 1/2 inches down, fits  17-21" collar $7.50

XL for the really large chested dogs measures 14 1/4 inch wide, and 10 1/2 inches long, fits 22" and above collar. $8.50

Sign up here: contact for your special offer and list of questions

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