Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Butcher a Baker, a Candlestick Maker?

Or is it an Artist, a Groomer, a Photographer? Yes, goals can be set and dreams can come true.
Please don't ever say no to your heart.

After almost twenty five  years of being a manager, my heart was no longer in it. I was burned out stressed out and disenchanted with the medical profession. I had no song in my heart and depression and anxiety set in.

Hubby told me to start painting again two years ago. And I took his advise. This new hobby soon became a business, and the passion for art and animals grew. I worked daily creating pet portraits and occasionally some flowers. My anxiety and depression were eased by the process. I had focus. I was making people happy and helping animals.  I was making some money, and donating much to causes. Life was good, my fan page grew larger than  I had ever dreamed. I was sharing my passion, art and photography with the world. Making people happy along with myself. Each day with a new painting or photo to share. Creating smiles, mending hearts. I knew this was filling a void and I wanted more.

I told my husband I  needed to help animals even more, I wanted to go to grooming school. Yet, I had left that management job to pursue my art and heal my soul. So, money was no longer jingling in my pocket. But, by a small miracle I was able to go to grooming school. There I learned that not only did I love every dog that I came in contact with, that they too could sense my kindness. They were calm, and let me groom them and love them. Each pet would get a hug a kind touch and a little encouragement. I'd tell them all after they were completed the groom they were show dogs. Yes, I know they couldn't  understand that, but still who doesn't love a complement.  The Pace Academy of Dog grooming promised each student that there were job opportunities and my  instructor found me a job placement along with the others.

So, my journey has not ended. I'm about to start a new one, helping Rhonda from Lucky Dog and Spa & Boutique embark on her new business in Pace FL. There she will create a luxury retail and grooming spa. I will be able to keep on loving pets, perfecting my skills as a groomer. I will display some art, paint a mural and photograph pets. We may do creative grooming too. Why not? I'm a creative type, from canvas to pet, so much can be accomplished if your goals and heart meet in the middle.

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