Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is in the Air, and my plans are everywhere!

So, after going through several names for grooming, I decided on Grooming and Beyond
Pet  Spa and  Studio. Just a few more weeks and I'll be a certified pet groomer. I love every minute of it.
Hubby thinks he can build me my own studio if our home sells, at our next location. But, for now, I still need to make money. In the grooming business, you don't usually get paid per hour, you get paid a percentage of the work you do. I  landed a job on the weekend as a bather, but when I got there they decided not to let me bathe, but to groom one dog, to see my work. So, I groomed one dog, drove 70 miles hung out for a few hrs and made 13.00. Well, that just isn't going to help me get that $1,000 grooming table and clipper vac machine! Ha, setting up my own shop will take about $20,000 to build and furnish w/equipment and tub.
So, what is a girl to do? Start my business w/what I've got! A girl can make money if she wants to. So, I advertised in all the local classified papers, and on Facebook. Grooming, home visits. I have a fold up table, and a box full of clippers, and such and a good car. So, hopefully, I can start to build a client base and get 100% of the groom with less travel. Then start saving for the Spa. The goal is to have a grooming area, art studio and photography studio in one building, work 3 days a week at grooming and the rest for my art. Grooming is very demanding work on the body.  But, I'm building strength each day, and no matter how hard it is, I enjoy it so much more than pushing papers. Yes, I know there will be plenty of paperwork for my business, but at least it will be mine and the paperwork will be more rewarding. Keeping good records is essential. Gosh, why did I sell that Quick Books program! - Oh well, I can get another one. I have plenty of basic accounting skills from college and jobs I've had over the past many years.

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