Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adding Detailed Pen Drawings with watercolor wash

The advantage of being an artist, is that you can chose from a large variety of mediums to work with.  I like to continue to explore different mediums when not working on a commission for someone. At first I just offered watercolor, and that was very successful. People liked the detail I could get with a thin paint and tiny bushes.  But, the client has to frame and mat behind glass and large frames can get quite expensive. So, next I added acrylic to my offerings. The gallery wrapped canvas  can be hung just as it is, saving the client from the expense of custom framing. I do work with a narrow canvas that can be easily framed with some offset clips.

This past week I was working on a couple of photos provided to me from Alaqua Animal Refuge and the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. I thought the photos would look excellent with a detailed pen drawing with a touch of color.  I will be doing a complete set for Alaqua to hang at the refuge as a thank you for supporting the arts. They will be sent 10% of my profits as I continue to sell on various on line galleries and commission requests.

If you like the look of the pen and watercolor, I will be happy to commission one for you. With my

revised pricing structure, all mediums will be priced the same according to size. Some photos do work better with one medium over another. I would be happy to tell you what medium I think suits your photo perfectly.

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