Tuesday, March 9, 2010

getting noticed, trying to become a know artist in the local community.

I have been doing some more facebook work. Becoming friends with the local beach sites - and posting some of my new paintings. I want to establish a presence in the local market, and I think it is working. First the invite to the Mud Bug Festival and now a invitation to submit some artwork for a local beach tourist guide.
And a request for Earth Day art in Destin

whoo hooo! It's working.

Life's A Beach Pam- We noticed your amazing artwork and thought you might like to enter something in our Cover Art Competition. The link below shows examples of covers we have featured in the past.

Life’s a Beach Publications and its Publisher will take ownership and rights to selected art pieces. This includes reproduction in print, electronic, and/or computer readable formats.
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Pam Utton
Pam Utton 
how nice of you! Thanks
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Erin McGinnis Bakker I am emailing you some information about Destin Green Fest, which is a big Earth Day event I am co-hosting at the Destin Commons on April 24th. I was hoping you would want to submit a "globe" in our contest.... I thought your message might could be animal conservation. Check it out and pass to other artists if you will!

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