Thursday, March 11, 2010

follow your dream - never give up - good things will come to you

As I pursue this art journey - I am connecting w/some good people and loving the experience.
If you think you will be successful, you will. The power of positive thought and positive actions are rewarded.

Am I a linchpin? I'll have to read the book. But, I am doing quite well. My FB page has increased in size and comments every week since I started this in December.

I have been featured on several blogs - and now I'm going to enter some art contests for the local events at the beach. I can just feel this career choice about to burst! If gives me goosebumps.

So -
network - blog - share - and give your time and energy back to the community - you will be rewarded.

See what my FB friend Roy thinks on his dialogue with his business marketing group.

Roy Simmons Pam I have posted about your success on a business oriented site I belong to. I hope I don't embarrass you! What you are achieving is very impressive. They are discussing Seth Godins book 'Linchpin' I think you are one of those! If you have time **Cough** we would love to hear your input.

scroll down to see my response - I tell how this is working for me - it could work for you too.

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