Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goals, do we always meet them?

Yes, I'm quite the goal setter. Without goals I have no direction, nor motivation to achieve something new. But, as I continue my artistic journey, do I meet all my goals?

No, I don't always meet all of my goals. My goal was to be a full time artist. Yes, I have been painting every day for quite some time. So, yes, I can say  I'm a full time artist, but I did not make my projected goals for income. So, I had to adjust and seek employment.

Did I make my goal of working out each day and losing 30 lbs. Nope, I still spent too much time painting, for that is my real passion.

I have a goal of being able to build my next home and be debt free. Will I meet this goal? Perhaps, but I have to sell this home first.

Why do I continue to set goals if I don't always meet my old goals?  I keep setting goals because I need to have a challenge to look forward to. And if I fail, it is okay, for without failure there can be no success. Without sorrow, there can be no joy. Life is about experiences, some good, some bad. With each goal or experience we learn and grow so that we can continue to move forward.

So, don't be afraid to set your goals high, for if we shoot for the moon we may land somewhere up high. And if you don't meet your goals, don't give up. Adjust or try a new approach. For all things worth wild are worth working towards.

What are some of your goals?

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