Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Products and new Relationships

During the summer the pet portrait business slows down for me. People are out on vacation spending their money on fun. But that doesn't mean it is time for me to slow down. Oh, no - my mind is always thinking of the next niche, next opportunity to promote and sell my work. And, it is time for me to build up some products for my Etsy page.
Painted Gifts Etsy Shop by Pam Utton

I have had three exciting things happen so far this summer.

I have some photographs in another Collaborative book from Bradford Wheler
this is the second book of his that I have participated in. 
Horse Sayings Artist list

I send him some of my funny pictures. I like to put the camera on the ground and look up at the horse with the lens.

A new shop opened up in Fort Walton Beach, FL, called Fiddly Bits and Tea. They had a call to
artists for some art to sell on a commission basis. So, I loaded up my car and brought several paintings thinking she may want a couple. I was very excited when she told me that she wanted all of them, and to keep painting, that the shop would take all the art I could provide. I have an eclectic mix of watercolor and acrylic paintings, from flowers, to rock stars and carousel horses. Now, I'm painting FL theme ornaments to add to her shop along with my glass photo tiles of my art.
fiddly bits and tea
3 1/2 hand painted glass disks by Pam Utton

I have also been researching how to paint on fabric. I have a medium that I can add to my paint and can now offer painted fabric. The next step is to get out my sewing machine and make pillow shams so that I can provide custom portraits that are washable, all the client will have to do is slip  the cover over a pillow. This way, they don't have to worry about the pillow wearing out, and they can wash the cover. It has been a while since I sewed. Yes, quite a while. I used to make my clothes and make quilts, so making a sham should be quite easy. Just have to remember how to thread the needle!

And while going textile, I'm in communication with one of my Facebook friends Vera regarding adding
some of my art to HP needlepoint designs. I've ordered some catalogs too so that I can order some canvas to paint on for commission pet portraits for my clients.
needlepoint designs by Vera
8x10 Acrylic painting by Pam Utton

And the last new thing on my list is: a call out to artists for Pit Bull art to add to a new charity book. I have a few interested and some art has been submitted to me, but not enough for a book yet. The Art 4 Causes page on FB is about artists who want to help others with a % of sales or donations of art. We made a book for bulldog charity and it is still selling. So, since pits, are my second favorite breed, I wanted to make a book of them next.

8x10 Watercolor Pit Bull by Pam Utton

So you see, if you have a business and if there is a particular time of year where sales slow down a bit, don't relax too much, for this is the perfect opportunity to make new products, build inventory, and meet new friends to build collaborative relationships with.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Have fun, make friends and be creative. For you never know where the next opportunity is for you and your business.

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