Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vision Letter

Now, I've been in the corporate world for over twenty years, and yes I've written vision statements. At one point in time I remember each organization had a vision statement. Something short and to the point. I even painted a corporate logo with the vision statement for our office.

But, I had never written a vision letter to myself to keep and read each day. I always thought things happen for a reason, and decided that this was all I could do is let it happen and deal with it. But, perhaps we can  control our destiny with positive affirmations. I've always tried to be positive, but maybe just maybe I could increase my likelihood of success with a better vision, written down and reviewed on a daily basis.
My coach Rebecca  and mentor for my new business selling and sharing the business opportunity with  Life's Abundance products  told me to write a letter and read it each day.  Sounds so powerful. Of course she gave me examples of how the owners of the company did just that and were able to see their dreams/visions manifest. See the products here for Holistic Pet products

I joked with my FB fans that I had visioned myself as a full time artist and in 12 months my goal came true, here I am at home painting every day, selling pet portraits and exploring different subjects styles and sizes. But, I forgot the main ingredient! I forgot to add a steady source of income large enough to continue on with my dream. Well, don't get me wrong, I won't ever give up my dream, but I do need to supplement my income with a job other than just my art.

That is where Life's Abundance came to play. Heck yes, I told Rebecca count me in, I want to offer quality products and discounts to my rescue friends. But, in order to sell and make enough income, I have to set a firm vision - write my letter. Keep the eye on the prize. For we all can get pumped up, excited and have a can do attitude but, we can just as quickly get distracted and lose that loving feeling.

So, in the days to come, I will be thinking about my vision. I will include things like where I live, what my paintings are selling for, what galleries they are in, how many people I have in my down line for Life's Abundance, and how financially secure I am for my stick to it and make my vision come true.

Are you self employed? Do you have a vision letter for yourself?  For, the time you takes to write and read your vision letter for your five or ten year goal; it might serve you better than any business plan you  ever wrote. For this is more than a plan, this is a letter of you living your vision. A letter for your future and the success it holds for yourself and your business.

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