Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gone Local - Crestview Florida - Fort Walton Beach FL

Things are looking pretty good for my ornaments and art work at the new shop in Fort Walton Beach called Fiddly Bits and Tea. They sold one of my paintings before the grand opening and are taking orders for the beach theme glass ornaments.

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping in at the bakery in Crestview. The name of the business is Not Just Cakes.
Located on 290 North Main Steet in Crestivew. They rotate out a few artists and the next spot is going to be available shortly. I will let them take a look at my swan, hibiscus and banana leaves. I think they would be a good fit for the cafe.

I'm proud to help my local shops dress up the walls with afordable local art.

Still very excited about the Charity book too. I have received so much support and some fantastic photos of positive pit bulls. After my meetings in the morning, I will be working on another lovely pit. This time in color pencil.

you can see some of my art prints here - Offereing cards and prints of some of my favorite photography.
My Art Web Page - prints- cards sold here

Art - is where the heart is.

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