Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hold On To Your Dreams

  •   One of my favorite songs. 
Several months ago, I  had a dream to move forward in a more creative way. I left a high paying job to explore my artistic side.  It hasn't been easy, for summer is slow for my art sales, and money was so tight. I wasn't sure how I could hold on.  I was searching for part time jobs to fill the gap. But, after over 20 years of management experience, finding an entry level job was impossible. 

I wasn't about to give up and go back to a job that I hated. I had lived a stressful life for long enough. I knew I could do more. I still painted every day, to improve my skills and to keep my Facebook page active. For no one wants to purchase art from an artist who isn't creating new work. My page grew in numbers month after month, and I painted and showed and found other places that would take my art to sell for me.  Yet, I knew that after painting for less than two years I could not even come close to making
the $40,000 per year that I was making. Hell, I was losing money.  Yet, I still had that dream. I have always wanted to be self employed. And I am still determined to hold on.

I applied for Vocational Rehabilitation to change career paths. I needed to be creative. After four months, they approved my application and I will be going to dog grooming school. I went to cosmetology school as a young woman, and have been cutting hair and grooming my dogs ever since. My connection with animals is so strong, and my creative abilities are so natural. I was cutting my own hair since the age of fourteen. 

So, listen to my song, and don't give up. For if you continue to pursue your dream, it can happen.
It is happening for me.

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