Friday, March 18, 2011

From bland to bold, from beige to hot pink!

So, the first year was fantastic, 5,000 people on my Facebook page and steady sales. But, as I continue my journey, I need to do more. To express myself with color and to open up more doors in the art world.

I had discovered that I could do a pretty accurate rendering of a pet, and depict the soul in the eyes. My following grew, and my sales were steady. But, there is no market for a ordinary  pet portrait in a gallery, unless there is more to capture the attention of the viewer. Color can create a variety of emotions, and as an artist, there are tubes of color in stacks of bins! How would I ever use up all those beautiful colors unless, I stepped outside the box a bit, and created portraits w/those big beautiful colors.

First step is to find out if there is a market for this. So I painted one for a local pet shop, and then made a contest on my Facebook page. People had to submit photos and the photo w/the most comments " Pop this pet" would win a free 8x10 portrait. Winner to be determined very soon.  I gained over 1,500 more people on my Fan page, and over 220 entries for bolder pet portraits in just two weeks.

See my How to order page, for introductory pricing on this new bold style.
and watch me paint on Facebook  My Fan page on Facebook - come watch me paint

So next to develop my signature style, my niche and to get them hung in my Gallery, and shown on Fine Art America. Big Bold Beautiful. - My new hippy clothes will look great with these paintings! LOL

I will still do commissions on the more realistic style, but in order to make more sales, increase my prices, I have to offer a style and something that may appeal to a broader audience, that can look good in reproductions and on cards.  I told my fans that this was the year for me to explore more styles and this one seems to of been a winner!
dog paintings

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