Monday, December 7, 2009

finding balance?

My husband encouraged me to paint -so I'd spend less time on the internet. But, I think it backfired!
I spend time reading blogs, posting blogs, on FB sharing - joining groups - chatting w/fellow artists.
I used You Tube to search for instructional videos, Amazon for instructional books. Supply stores for more
paint and paper! There are so many resources and so many wonderful artists, I can't get off the internet! LOL

So as I paint at my computer desk each weekend the FB page is up and I chat away and share my
new paintings w/my friends.  ; )

went to the used bookstore tonight - purchased to nice how to watercolor books. - one by Betty Ganley 10 Secret Gardens and one by Barbara Jeffery Clay 10 Favorite subjects. - I think they will help me learn how to do flowers. - Flowers look easy, but don't be fooled, they are difficult, would rather paint a dog anytime!

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