Sunday, December 6, 2009

it pays to get the right weight/quality paper

I started out buy purchasing my supplies at the local craft store. I soon found out that t he paints I bought were not very good. I also bought some Pro Art paper 90LB - it is nice and bright says it can withstand repeated washings.
NOT - I drew a flower and wet it down, well it pilled - I am just going to throw it out, it isn't good enough to practice on. Thanks to some advise from one of my FB friends, I went on line and purchased new supplies.
These are the ones I use for the paintings I sell. I use Fabriano 140lb paper - cold pressed and Da Vinci paints.

What paper do you use?


  1. I only use Arches cold pressed 140 and mostly Winsor Newton artist quality paint. Oh and you have to try Robert Simmons white sable brushes! They are cheap but better than $80 brushes I've had.

  2. I use Da Vinci because it is quality paint at good value. Just check out for in dept paint evaluations, comparisons, charts, and general info.

    Arches papers take abuse! I use 140 cold pressed consistently the whites are brilliant. 300 lb is luxurious and I wish I could afford to use it for every painting.

    I'm trying to get artists to use synthetic brushes. Do we really need to kill animals to create art? All brushes can be synthetic, paint, make-up, hair.... It is insane how many animals are killed so uselessly.

  3. I neglected to say the Robert Simmons brushes are synthetic white sable.

  4. I haven't found the right brush yet, I live the tiny round ones - and just purchased I #4 - that is the largest one I have other than flat square brushes, but I don't know how to use them yet.

  5. Hi Pam. I also use 140 CP Arches, DanielSmith and WinsorNewton and CheapJoe's paints (Love CheapJoe's PermAlizCrimson and SapGreen). Have found some fab brushes...BlackVelvet(Silver 3000S Rounds). They're squirrel and synthetic blend and the #8 and #10 carry sharp points like a #4! You'd love them. Check out (ArtSupplyWarehouse) as anything you order is only $6.96 freight and that included getting your full sheets paper. Great source.


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