Thursday, December 10, 2009


My daughter told me her boyfriends loves Raven's so I made him a 5x7 tonight. I'm going to mat
it in black and frame it in a stand up frame. The new bushes I purchased worked out very well,
the painting went quite fast. I did it in two hours. a #6 round brush was the main bush used.
I painted on dry for the bird, and then put on a few light glazes of gray / and purple. The background

was done wet on wet.
don't know why he is sideways! Just tilt  your head to the left! LOL

The Raven is also a keeper of secrets, and can assist us in determining answers to our own “hidden” thoughts.  Areas in our lives that we are unwilling to face, or secrets we keep that harm us – the Raven can help us expose the truth behind these (often distorted) secrets and wing us back to health and harmony.

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