Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raffle to help the animals - win a pet portrait.

To the world you are a rescue person....
to the rescued dog, you are the world

for every 2.00 you donate your name will be entered for a drawing -
The winner will receive a pet portrait of the animal of their choice - one head - 8x10 watercolor.
A good digital picture of your pet will be required to complete the painting.
The proceeds will go to the animal shelter/rescue of their choice, in US funds.

Join my FB page - to see who wins - The contest will run until I get 200.00 in donations.

I'm getting some good feedback from my FB page, I think this will work. It will be so nice to
help an animal shelter or rescue

Thanks - the donations are starting to come in. I am not going to start moving any monies until I get closer to the 200.00 goal - Thanks again to all those who donated, ask your friends who love animals to join. - Each of you that donated over 2.00 will have add'l chances for the free painting. I'm going to put all the names in a box and draw the name when I reach the goal.


  1. Hello Pam you will be hearing from me also. I really love the horse picture and the sunflower drawing. Thank you for sharing God's Beauty with all.
    Bunny Ann :-)

  2. wow....u're good. self taught, eh? wish i could paint. i LOVE u'r sunflower~my favorite flower. not quite sure how i arrived here but i'm glad i did....

  3. thanks you two, as you can see they are for sale, and I can paint most anything - from a photo. Well, that may be a stretch - but depending on the detail involved. - I have no idea how people find this blog either, I did try to link to all the art sites I could. Thanks for looking and if you are on FB come join my page. I try to make it fun.

  4. All handsomely painted a wonderful talent Pam.


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