Wednesday, February 10, 2010

setting fees- price list- pet portraits- watercolor

Now, that I have been selling for a while, and have established a fan base, it is time
for me to set some fees. It has been fun selling real cheap and giving away so many
paintings, but in order to keep supplies on hand, I have to make some money!
I think my rates are still reasonable from the research I've done on the internet pages
for work of similar style and sizes.

***************PRICE LIST**************
A portrait is a head and shoulder - like my icon
I can paint the entire animal for add'l fees.

5x7 $45.00 w/soft background *SALE FEB $35.00*
8x10 $60.00 w/soft background
8x10 $70.00 entire body w/soft background
8x10 Detail background like the bulldog w/flower
add $45.00 - add'l pet in portrait add $45.00
will do custom orders for larger paintings, but need notice to order the supplies. up to 20x30 -$165.00-$250.00

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