Monday, March 29, 2010

banana tree commission

I was asked to do a larger version of my original banana tree painting. I did a 16x20  - altered it a bit, added more sky and less dark leaves. The painting took me longer than anticipated. But, I have a tendency to apply the paint in several layers and add a lot of detail. My style isn't as free flowing as many of the watercolor artists.  I love to look at their work, but we each develop a style that we are comfortable with . Mine is less water, more detail. It works for me and it works for my clients so far. I am about as busy as I can be, since I work full time. Facebook has been a wonderful place to meet people and share my passion for art with. I have over 1,800 on my fan page now. I enjoy making people smile and giving away gifts to get my art out    in the hand of people. The more exposure an artist has the more likely they are to sell art.

I have started uploading some of my art and some of my photography to Zazzle, a print on demand store for merchandise and prints. I've had some good feedback from the Zazzle community.
I just received my first order, and I'm very pleased. There is more on the way - a T-shirt and business cards.
 I will continue to add more as  I paint and take pictures.

So, my journey continues. It is going very well since I began in November of 2009.

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