Friday, April 2, 2010

It's not just a tree to me

I have always loved the beauty of a tree, for you see it’s not just a tree to me.
A tree is more than you might see,
It’s the fluttering of the Apen leaves
It’s habitat for the birds and bees
A tree is majestic and free
It’s the way to clean our air
so cutting them all down will cause despair.
A tree provides shade and more.
The leaves are something to see, just take a trip to New England with me.
After the leaves are gone, the Maple trees provide sap for me – oh that wonderful Maple Syrup.
So what else is a tree to me? A tree provides nuts, and fruit, and flowers.
A tree is a renewable resource for our paper, building supplies and more.
So, next time you see me taking a picture of a tree – you will see, a tree is so much more to me.

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