Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's Collaborate!

Collaborate good times, come on - let's collaborate!

Have you ever made a collaborative book or work of art?  I have been in several collaborate books. This is a great way to  showcase your work and make money together as a team or just to be seen.

Many blogs have banners and ads for other artists, some even sell art together on blogs or web pages, such as the daily painters. I  am a member of this talented team as well.
Daily Painters

Others create blogs and sell in an effort to help charity.  Art helping Animals is one such team
I'm proud to be a member of.
Art 4 Animals

Are you afraid to join a team effort to produce something more? Some are, some are not. For together we can make something bigger and better than we can ever create alone. Creating art can be done all alone, or in a group or shared with a group.

Brainstorm, think outside the box, and you may find a team of people willing to help you achieve your goals as an artist.

Social Media is huge, but many of us don't harness the power of it. We create posts in hopes someone will see.  Some are afraid to comment on another artists page and some block the competitor from seeing or commenting on the FB pages. 

I see the reverse side of the coin. I often invite people to share their links talk about what  they are up to. For, this is social media! To share - learn - teach - and grow.

Today I've added my friend Brazen to my page. She is a very talented artist and paints pets too, but I am not afraid that she will steal my clients, for we both have something unique and wonderful to share.
After much discussion on how we can take each of our strengths - we came up with adding her images to my page and to collaborate on making art tiles. She gains exposure from my large fan base, and I gain another product to sell, and we both reap the rewards. There are no boundaries, no limits on our success. We just have to be willing to share and learn from one another. I can see this working for many people, Fan pages can become fan galleries, performing as a co-op.  Think of the number of fans one page could have if a few large fan bases joined forces as a group.

Come see what we decided to do. I pay her a royalty for each image I use and she gets exposure on FB that she did not have on her page. Together we make beautiful products and enrich our audience with art. Custom Glass Pendants by Brazen Studios - co-produced by Pam's Watercolor Pet Portraits

If you have art that you would like more exposure on and want to find out more, please contact me.

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