Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where do you play in the sandbox of life?

I've always been a bit unconventional. Loving life, being creative, and expressing myself in a way that makes me happy. I wore antique clothes in High School, adored new makeup and hairstyles and music.
Bonded with the elderly and nature. I was as some would say, weird. But I was proud to be me, and not some extension of what others thought I should be.

So, where are you? Do you play within the confines of that little sandbox? Or do you think outside the box? As a creative person,  I like to think outside the box. Thinking,  brain-storming and leading your way  down your own yellow brick road, just might work for you. For the new ideas;  different ideas, are the norms and trends for the future. 

I've been in a few sandboxes of life, where I didn't play like the others. They wanted to build castles all the same, and I wanted to offer new ways  to build castles. Ever build one out of wet dripping sand? FUN!

So, if there comes a time in your life where people say "What? that won't work!!" Don't  fret, for perhaps  you just stepped out of that confinement of that sandbox and are about to build your own

Spread your creative wings and fly. 

To be a success- stay true to who you are, move forward and don't look back at the kids still in that same sandbox!  For it is the people who set trends, don't conform and seek new paradigms that will end up a success.

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