Thursday, December 15, 2011

cha - cha- cha changes

changes  David Bowie video

Happy Holidays - hope if you have had changes they have been positive.

I became a full time artist about nine months ago. And I found out that your previous year can not predict the future or present year. I did paint, and gained thousands on followers on my Facebook page. But, I did learn that one must adapt to changes. The economy is so bad in many places that I lowered my fees. I kept busy, but not enough to pay bills so I sought out supplemental  income. Yet, with my management background finding a part time or lower paid job was almost impossible. I went to grooming school for my love of animals, and loved it, yet still not enough to land a job. Yes, fill in jobs, but making 40.00 a month was still not enough.

So as David Bowie says, time might change me, but I can't change time. After nine months I was running out of money and time. I prayed for help, and prayers were answered. I found two jobs in one week, so now I am working seven days a week and doing my art. For, art is in my soul and I will never quit. I love animals and will never stop grooming, but it may be a slower start than anticipated.

I know that I am always telling you how to achieve or set your goals for yourself and your business. But, I too have to let you know that sometimes your goals will not be met. But, that is not reason to give up. It may be just time to make a change. Sometimes there has to be plan B. I will continue to set goals and never let these changes set me back from the things that are most dear to me. My family, pets, and art are the most important. No matter what changes I make to adapt to life's pressures to make a sustainable income will not make me change my values and goals.


  1. Pam, you have inspired me, and probably countless others, this past year. Your determination, your optimism, and your seemingly endless energy have motivated me to do better. I know you will succeed with your art and the grooming - you have too much passion not to:-) All the best in 2012!!!

  2. Yes agreed to previous post that this blog really inspired and energetic for growing the art knowledge. It is really motivated. Thanks to sharing with us.


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