Monday, July 30, 2012

Grooming in Crestview Florida, where I groom in your home or mine

It has been a while since I blogged. So many wonderful things  have happened. I am loving the dog grooming so much that I even groom at home or at your home on my days off. Providing house call grooming at your home or mine.
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My goal is to find a lease and have a state of the art grooming facility. But for now, my clients are loving the individual attention in the privacy of their homes.

House Calls Dog Grooming, Crestview, Baker, FL,Holt, Mossy Head, Fort Walton Beach - Can groom at my home per request.
I will come to your home, groom your dog, bathe if you have a place to bathe, or I can groom without a bath.

Service includes
Clean ears, cut nails, groom with clippers and scissors
... Hours 7 Am to 3 Pm MONDAY only
Toy Breeds / mini $35.00 -45.00 - Sanitary only $25.00 (pads, privates, paws )
Med Breeds $50.00 -70.00 - Sanitary $35.00
Large Dogs $75.00 - 90.00 Sanitary $50.00
Taking out mats extra - will discuss if the dog needs to be shaved if mats are bad.

I bring all tools - table and clean up

 Your dog can be styled many different ways, to highlight his or her personality. At home your dog is not rushed, and we can create a one of a kind style if you do not want a shave down. Here in Florida, so many dogs are shaved down with one blade length, called a kennel cut. But, you don't have to have a one size fits all cut for your canine friend. Shorter bodies, longer leg fur, can be a nice alternative to a complete shave down. Your dog can be cool, and still have an individuality.

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