Monday, September 10, 2012

Having a COOL DAY!

I'm having a fantastic day! I decided to take the day off from the renovation at my new lease for Cool Dog Grooming Studio in Baker FL -
My Grooming Studio FB Page

First appoinment of the day was a Westie for a bath. That started out all wags and grins. Then a call from a banker, I was eligible for some IRA money from my mangement position, that I gave up to become a dog groomer. Things were looking good for the day! Heck yea, I even washed windows.  Then I received a check for art work sold at the Gallery Fiddly Bits and Tea in Fort Walton Beach.

Oh, gosh then there was more! I made the deadline, for an entry of  Art Trends Artist of the year 2012!

A new pet portrait order, and a new house call client for Monday grooming.

Even a shipment of ribbon came today. I guess I picked the right day to stay home.

I feel like singing the Age of Aquarius!
The 5th Demension Sings

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