Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is bigger better? 16x20 watercolor

I had two clients that wanted to go large. I've been painting 5x7's and 8x10's to keep the prices down and supply cost down. I've always loved to draw or paint tiny. But, since I'm on this journey, and I aim to please, I said - " sure, let me order the paper, and I'll paint you a 16x20" - gulp! - I ordered up some hot press 140#
and two sheets of 300# cold press. - got two scanned pics. - Hmmm- not the greatest pics, but I'll make due. The clarity on a older photo that is scanned, isn't that good.

The first one was a  Jack Russell - - everyone on my FB page say it is my best. I really think it is because I can get great detail on large eyes, and still use my  small bushes that I'm used to. - The hot press was smooth, and I wet the eye and blended the colors - it took a very long time to dry, so I could get  a nice blend.
I tried some funky first layers on the brown patches, w/ red - yellow, and blue! - then applied strokes of
varied browns. I think this gave some good dimension and highlights. - Now, this little guy is bigger than life, but does look cool.

My next project is a closeup of a cat - 10x20 - just the face, no ears. I used several light washes and added some of my sparkle paint - I  am quite sure the client is going to love it.

So, is bigger better? The paintings sure make a much more dramatic statement.

I'm charging 125.00 plus shipping, and I think it is still a good value for the product I'm producing.

I gave away my African Grey Portrait today - made someone very happy.

That is what art is all about - pleasure for the one making it and for the person viewing it.


  1. I don't know if bigger is better... but those eyes are simply amazing! You've got BIG talent Pam, whether your paintings are big OR small!!!

  2. Your portraits look great to me too, no matter the size. Congratulations on your first show! London


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