Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wow - new followers! - better get posting

I had not checked my blog in a few days, was happy to see some new followers and a new comment.
I've been very busy trying to figure out what to paint for the Mud Bug Festival, my theme will be bright, and fun.
I've completed two, and hope to get three more done this weekend.
I have a list of items I'd like to paint.
sea turtles
tropical fish
Fort Pickens
I started a horse

My art journey is moving along quite well, especially since I started this adventure last November!  Who knew I'd become so involve w/painting and sharing. Well, my husband - he knew. I'm rather compulsive, so when I start something that I enjoy - I really go for it.

Like photography - and gardening - now painting.
I once bought 100 baby Leyland Cypress - and grew them - and transplanted them all over my property lines.  I've got 10 acres - so 100 isn't as many as it might sound. At my first home in Vermont - it was always about the balsam trees. If my husband couldn't find me - he knew I was out scouting for transplants. LOL

So, thanks for following my journey - and watching me as I progress as a artist. This has been a fantastic journey so far. Lots of happy customers, and tons of new fans thanks to FB link of love.

I really think I have a product that will continue to sell. Who doesn't love their pet? And why not have a pet portrait, at a affordable price? Makes a great gift.

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