Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mud Bug Shrimp & Crawfish Boil Pensacola Fairgrounds- March 20, 2010

A promoter from this even saw my blog and asked me if I wanted to have a tent at this event.
I was thrilled that she liked my work and actually contacted me. They must of had a few spots
left since the registration has to be completed this week. At first I said no, then I decided -
what the heck, with some encouragement from my Facebook friends, I decided that this would
be a wonderful opportunity for me to share my work in person, instead of via the internet.

So, I've got about 30 days to pull this together -I have a tent, need a card table.
Thought I'd paint some bright paintings like Macaws - and carousels- a few dogs,
and bring a photo book of some of my work I still had some pictures of.

I went to my redbubble account and found some good pictures to paint of fish boats -
Fort Pickens, and a few others.

I'll make informative flyers - have business cards - and do a 5x7 give away - so I can
get contact names and addresses for the future.

I have a shirt on order w/my logo and a cat painting - so now I will have the purr fect  place to wear it.

I have no idea how to display the art without spending a lot of money - but I'm creative,
so will think of something.


So - if you know me on FB -and live in the Pensacola area - come listen to some Zydeco music, eat some
mud bugs and come see my booth.

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