Thursday, April 15, 2010

double trouble - Abyssinian cats

I just finished another pet portrait for a very sweet person. She had two of her dogs
painted and now two of her cats. I'm so happy that she likes my paintings that well.

I've kicked the FB into high gear - setting my goal very high. I'm calling
it compound interest. The more people that have interest in my work, the more will come see, and the sales will continue to follow. I get goose bumps just thinking, could this be? Will my journey take me out of the daily commute to the office, and at home painting? Isn't this what all artists dream of? I am going to continue to share and and paint, putting my heart and soul into my work.
I do believe this is what I am destined to do.

Blogger, still doesn't have a upload for pictures right now.
You are welcome to join me on FB!/

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