Saturday, April 17, 2010

the power of three

When I sold Avon, the talked about the power of three. I call my technique - compound interest. You know the power of compound interest in making your money grow. I see that working the same way with marketing. You need to compound the interest in your product, and one way to do that is by the power of three.
Just producing your product is not enough. You can't just hope for sales.
Some of us saw that the link of love gave us many more fans - but did it really compound interest? Or was it just a mad rush to get your link posted to as many fan pages as you could. You need to create interest - hold them there long enough to look. If they like they will buy now or list you as a favorite and come back.
80 % of my time is invested in the power of three. My goal is 10,000 fans. Why - because not everyone buys every day, and not everyone buys, but they may tell a friend about you. You need to keep compounding interest in your product to generate enough sales to be sucessful. So, what do I do to create interest?
I need to paint 3 per day, 5 days a week to make a living painting full time, that is 780 paintings a year! Now, there is no way I can do that w/out a ton of fans.

1.) share your product
2.) post to at least 3 spots on the web or FB at least 3 times a week.
3.) get three new friends with similar interest as you at least 3 times a week
4.) get three more fans as often as you can.

Post often - but not just your product. Direct sales don't work on Fan Pages, if they want it, they will go to your Etsy- Artfire - Gallery. I get caught up in this too, I want to share - but people don't really care. They would rather see what I'm up to, than see my new product. They know where to look if they want to shop.

Ways to share;
I'm a pet portrait artist - so I share each new painting on at least three
pet lover sites
I post on FB - my blog and on Etsy - now Zazzle too.
Friends are easy to find. - Link Love, groups, fan pages, friends of friends
Ask your friends to suggest your FB page to their friends
I offer prizes and discounts - free paintings as a thank you for them asking friends
Hold an Event - give 3 prizes - your sales will improve.

You can't sell unless people take the time to look.

Other ways to find the power of three
post to three free classified ads - Craigs List - local papers, local shops.

I hope you found this helpful. It works for me, it could work for you.


  1. This is super helpful Pam!!! And your paintings are amazing! Thanks for adding your thread to my list, hopefully this way we can increase views and the power of three! Love it,
    Monica from Gia's Bowtique

  2. Love this Pam - we share many similar ideas, and couldn't agree more on creating INTEREST in combination with building fans.. you are doing an amazing job and I just love your adorable pet portraits! Keep up the good work!


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