Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More than a painting - A MEMORY

As I continue working part time as a pet portrait artist, I learn more about myself and about the people that commission my work. These portraits are not just paintings, they evoke much emotion for the artist and the client. Often times the pet is ill or has passed away. So, you see, it isn't just p painting-- it is a memory.
A cherished memory of a member of the family that gave unconditional love. Those of us that have lost pets can sympathize with the owner. Losing a pet is so difficult. My job is to capture the spirit and soul of the pet.
I find energy in these photos that I paint from, and love goes into every piece.
The job can bring me great joy, but also some sadness because I know that the pet has passed on.

So, please - if you look at my work - remember - it may be just a painting to you, but to me and to the owner of this cherished pet it is very much more.

I am grateful that I started painting and that I have found a way to put positive energy into works that
will be cherished for a life time.

If it wasn't for animals in our lives - our lives would be less fulfilling.

This is last night's painting, of a cherished pet.

My client said: "Stephanie Richardson 
Pam, your work has great meaning. You can not believe how much joy this portrait has brought me and I am only viewing it on the computer. I wasn't ready to give her up. My mind knew what was to come, but my heart wasn't there yet. For 15, she still looked like a puppy. I miss seeing this smile every day I came home from work, NOW I will forever have it with me. thank you"

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