Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beyond the pet portrait - today I paint a person and the ocean!
I took a beautiful photo a few weeks ago, with the hopes that my painting skills would be up to the challenge of the sea. Water can be quite difficult to paint. But, I really loved the photo, it was so peaceful and the colors wonderful. I had one sheet of 300lb watercolor paper 16x20 to work with. This paper is much thicker than the 140lb I use for pet portraits. I knew I'd have to use a lot of water to get movement and depth to the Emerald Coast Water.  This is a lovely painting, and I have put it on my Etsy Site. I intend to paint two more and hang them as a collection.  I like to post my step by step for my Facebook page. People enjoy watching my paintings progress. It gives them something to look for in the next posting.
Here are my steps. Enjoy. : )
I named the painting "Small Wonders" and if you look very closely she is looking at a sand crab.

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