Tuesday, May 18, 2010

going Viral - or being a Linchpin?

Roy Simmons once told me I was a Linchpin -


I told him that I'd have to find out if I was, I ordered Seth Godin's book.
I have read about 1/2 of the book. It is a light easy read, and I would suggest it to others.
Well, from what I can tell, yes, I am a linchpin. I am very creative and I like to make things happen, with
my positive energy. When I started my job as an Office Manager, the place was in the red. They could not
keep help and the work was stacked up. It took me a while, but I was able to reduce staff, and create
a huge profit for my employer by figuring things out, with creative energy and by giving of myself.
Yes, I'm a giver - and an artist.

I decided to start painting last November in hopes of creating a marketable product so that I'd have some income when I retire. - I joined FB - added a bunch of friends and started painting - showing my work
and selling.  I knew that people liked to purchase from friends, and FB is the place to find thousands of
people with similar interests.  - For some reason I seemed to just know how to do this kind of marketing on my own, I didn't have to read Seth Godin's book or other blogs. I had a gift - and wanted to share.
My gift is my positive focus and my painting ability. The ability to help people smile to give a bit of myself to them.

Have I gone viral with all this positive focus? I give daily pictures of flowers, and or daily fun captions with animals. Have had several good contests where I give away my art. Why? Because it makes people smile, and if my art gets into the hands - people share w/others. Now, I'm giving 15% to three animal rescues.
This has really helped me to increase sales. The more I paint - the more people join my page. I have over 2,500 on it today.


So what have I learned? If you set goals - and work at it - be yourself, give of yourself and share
the joy - you can become successful in what ever you choose to do.

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