Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is ART?

I once blogged about my pet portraits and shared it w/my cousin. He told me that I should edit my blog. I had mentioned that my art was not gallery art. He told me that my art was ART because it moved people.

I have been a pet portrait artist for for almost seven months. No, my art is not abstract, it is not surreal, it isn't pop, it isn't modern. But, my paintings move people. They bring joy, and tears of memories of pets long past. Art is to be shared. If one feels emotion from a painting or work - then yes it is ART. My art is from the heart.
I share the love of animals and nature through the eyes of an artist. I make pets soul's come alive through the
painting of the eyes. So, yes, I did edit that passage - and perhaps galleries should have pet portraits, because they are not only beautiful, they are created with love and a passion for all life.

I'm proud of what I do, and want to keep sharing my gift with the world.  For art and the human spirit of love and passion for animals should have no limits. Come share my passion - watch me progress as a artist.
This is my journey and I have just begun.!/

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