Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gulf of Mexico , this unspoiled wonderland will soon be destroyed by oil

I moved to Florida  in 2002, I have faced Ivan and Katrina - but now we are about to face a man made disaster in proportions that none of us ever thought possible. There is a huge oil spill encroaching on our beaches.
I have waited all winter to go pompano fishing - but now the pompano better swim fast and get south of the oil spill. As an artist I am compelled to create paintings to preserve my memory of the paradise I came here for. During the month of April 2010, I took some photos, at the beach. I'd like to share those with you on my blog, so that you can see the beauty, and we can remember the way it was. The forecast calls for the slick to reach Pensacola by Monday. These may be the last pictures I'm able to capture this year of the beach and all its splendor.

Fine Art Magazine posted one of my Pelican pictures on their web page today  - so they could
remember the wildlife and beauty of the Gulf Coast.

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