Friday, May 14, 2010

set goals - give-- and you will be rewarded

 I've been painting now since November 2009. At first I set my goal to become good enough during the next 15 years that I'd have a supplemental  income for retirement. But, being a type A personality and a bit compulsive, I have done  so much more than that. I can't even get over how many paintings I've created in six months. Each time I paint, it gets easier. Moving up from a size# 1 brush to a size #12 helped too. I can get faster washes, more delicate blends. I have been trying to hook up with rescues since I started, but with the standard offering of 10% and minimal experience, no one wanted to talk to me. I've moved it up to 15% and kept my prices the same. I post on rescue sites and ask them if they need my help. I'm getting a much better response now. WHOO HOOO.  The more I paint and post, the more friends on FB I get and the more fans I get. This helps drive sales.
I'm  collecting for two Bulldog rescues right now. I don't think they did anything to advertise for me, but my postings and reminders along with pictures of the dogs I've painted has helped drive a few sales..
I'm offering free paintings for two other rescues to get my name out there, one for horses and one for
shari -peis

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