Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ArtFire vs Etsy

I was advised by a friend of mine to go to ArtFire - there is a monthly fee, but I was not
selling on Etsy, just posting my FB sales on there and giving them the % just to use the service
and show that I was actually producing and having sales, so just to post them and use that
credit card feature it was costing me about 9.00 a month. This will cost 12.00 a month - but I have noticed
that I'm getting more exposure and looks than I did over the past few months on Etsy, just in a few hours!
I'm hoping to increase sales, so that I can keep supplies on hand.

I finally got a bulldog request, it is going to be a real cute one. Three of them lined up looking for a chip.
Perhaps after I complete that portrait I'll get some more photos sent my way.

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  1. Artfire admin is far more responsive to users, and they participate in forum conversations. Their phone number is answered by a real, live person. They respond to help requests right away.

    The community is much friendlier, too, and my views in just a few months on Artfire have well outpaced my views over the approximately two years I was on Etsy. Plus, for the $12/month, you get SO MANY tools!

    I have two Pro accounts. That's $24/month.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!


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