Monday, May 10, 2010

time for an update on my progress

Since the oil spill, I've been spending time at the beach taking 100's of photos, and creating some new paintings. My attempt to paint for the bulldog rescues is not measurable yet. There are over 20 guests that are attending the facebook web based event, yet no one has sent a photo yet. I have reached out to more rescues in Florida today. Perhaps I'll find one that will be able to add a link to their web page and help me promote the event. Without sponsorship from the rescue, it seems impossible to drum up interest.

My portraits are getting better, and I'm painting wildlife and water now too. I'm quite pleased with my progress.

The zazzle products are fun to produce. I've used them to give as gifts to family and clients. Everyone is pleased with the products they received.
My mom and mother in law loved the rose calendar I made them.

So, for now,- I will continue to explore my abilities and to keep finding new
clients and fans for my FB page. I'm sure that one day, I'll find that rescue and be able to paint enough portraits to donate a good amount for them. If you know of any please let them know. I'm willing to donate up to 15% of my net profits if they are doing a fundraiser and help me promote the event.  If I'm the only one promoting, I think the clients might wonder if I am really sending the money. Or maybe they just don't like my style of painting? I really don't know. I see other artist actually making a living doing this, but I sure can't if I only get one painting per month for each event! LOL

I'll attach my recent paintings.

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