Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's more than art -it is about caring and sharing and giving

The ability to create and to paint pet portraits has taught me many things.
I have learned how much people care about animals. Each person has a special
animal in their life. Some of us have animals around us to keep us company and the
reward is unconditional love, others need animals to guide them for they are blind,
or to search for them because they are lost, or to protect them and supply them
with medical needs.

I've learned about Service dogs
I've learned about Rescue dogs

and I've shared the pain of people who are seeking homes for dogs that need rescue.

With Facebook, I have met many people who all have something special to share.

I share my watercolor paintings to put a smile on your face. But now I share even more, I share
a percentage of my income for animal rescue and I try to help others in need by creating events.

I am hopeful to get many donations for Spirit dog, for this dog and his owner are so brave and
yet need some help. No, I'm not a great organizer or have the ability to create great charity events, but I do
have compassion and know many other good people that have compassion too.

So, I always count my blessings, and share my art with anyone willing to look and participate. It makes
me feel good to give a little each day. Animals and people are hurting all over the world and just
one smile might brighten someones day.

Visit me - and let me put a smile on your face today. come visit me

I did end up with almost 50 donations for Spirit dog, it went quite well. People gave and shared
and were happy to see me reach out and give something. I am very pleased with the results.

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